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Pledge and Mortgage immediately and Confidentially at Gold Spot

At Gold Spot we can get you instant cash without having to sell your favorite items through the pawn process. We have many years of experience in the gold market and pawning items is one of our core services. Visit our stores and pawn gold items, jewelry, coins, designer watches, precious stones and various other valuables with the safety and reliability of Gold Spot, having an official government license.

The pawning of valuables offers you the immediate amount of money you need, giving you the possibility to buy back your valuables. Our experienced and fully qualified appraisers will value your valuables with respect and reliability. Once your items are appraised and valued you will receive the highest market prices.

The stages of the mortgage lending process

Ενέχυρο κοσμήματα
Αγορά πώληση κοσμημάτων

The process we follow for pawning your items in all our stores is as follows:

  1. You set your appointment at one of our stores based on the date that suits you
  2. We estimate the value of your items with the help of modern precision equipment
  3. The price of the pledge is determined and we agree on the final amount
  4. The transaction is completely legal and is recorded in all its details in the official state ledger
  5. The official Private Exclusion Agreement is signed
  6. You receive the specified amount of money
  7. Your items are kept in safe deposit boxes of central banks for their absolute safety
  8. Your deposit is returned at any time specified in the private agreement
  9. Private Exclusion Agreement and everything you want to know

The Private Exclusion Agreement constitutes the contract in which all the terms of the agreement are detailed. This ensures the legality of the entire process and you are fully insured for the transaction you are carrying out. The following are detailed in the Private Agreement:

Details of the contracting parties
The date of the agreement
Detailed description of the objects (weight, carats, etc.).
The agreed amount and the duration of the agreement
The registration number of the pledge in the official state book
Your rights and obligations
With the trust and confidentiality guaranteed by Sto Gold Spot

By setting up a pledge, the pledger can take ownership of the object in the event that the debtor does not return the amount paid, he also has the right to sell it if he so wishes. At Gold Spot, our goal is long-term relationships of trust, so we give you the possibility to adjust and extend the duration of the contract, as well as the method of payment, so that they meet your capabilities and needs.

Contact us to make an appointment or to answer any question. With confidential, completely legal procedures based on the interest prescribed by law and by issuing the necessary receipts, you get immediate cash with a pledge at the best prices. The duration, installments and repayment of which are regulated based on your needs and capabilities.

In the event of a transaction, it is necessary to have your ID card or passport with you.

Why choose Gold Spot?

Coming to our store, our specialized staff will assess and identify all the special features of your jewelry. He will then set their value by determining the price at which they will be purchased. Our offers for the purchase of your jewelry are among the best on the market. A single visit to our place is enough to understand the professionalism that characterizes us.

You can contact us and we can offer you a solution to any financial problems you may have. Gold Spot is at your disposal for anything you need, providing a solution with immediate cash at the most competitive prices on the market.

Even if you do not wish to sell your precious jewelry outright, our pawnshop gives you the option of buying and reselling it to you.

An agreement is concluded in which the price and a date of sale within a certain period of time are defined. This way you get a temporary financing with the opportunity to buy your jewelry again. All transactions at Gold Spot are carried out with a legal government license in order to always offer you quality and reliable services.


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