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Jewelry Appraisal directly at Gold Spot

At Gold Spot we undertake to accurately and respectfully value your jewelry. You can visit one of our stores and our experienced appraisers will give you all the information regarding your jewelry. We analyze and estimate with modern precision machines how many carats of gold your jewelry contains.

With many years of experience and activity in the gold market, we do a free assessment of your jewelry with absolute quality control. Our experience in selling jewelry allows us to very accurately evaluate your jewelry based on material classes, carats, and possible origin and era of manufacture.

With respect and commitment to each customer, we deal with the uniqueness of each piece of jewelry with undivided attention and attention. After all, every piece of jewelry has a story behind it. We are well aware that you have developed emotional ties to many of your pieces of jewelry as they may be family heirlooms. That’s why our goal is to develop bonds of trust with our customers.

What are the species we value and what is the valuation process

Ενέχυρο κοσμήματα
Αγορά πώληση κοσμημάτων
We estimate with absolute accuracy and reliability:

  • Jewelry
  • Designer Jewellery
  • Silver Objects
  • Family heirlooms
  • Clocks
  • Jewelry with precious stones
  • Diamonds and other precious stones
  • Currency
  • Gold pounds

Appraisal is provided free of cost by our expert appraisers while buying gold jewelery is easily done at the best market rates without time-consuming procedures. You can instantly exchange your valuables for money and profit from their sale.

The process of valuing your jewelry

We take great care in inspecting your jewelry. First we weigh them on a precision electronic scale. Then to check their carats we use the most modern high-tech instrument which uses X-rays to analyze all the metals in the alloy with an accuracy of one hundredth of a carat. The result and value are printed directly on the analysis form. The accuracy of the results is important to get paid correctly and promptly.

The latest technology machines give us the possibility, without the jewelry suffering the slightest wear, to find exactly how many carats of gold it contains. They also provide us with measurements of precious metal composition. The measurable elements are: gold, silver, copper, platinum and palladium. Therefore, having all the above information, we inform you about the value of your jewelry.

We are waiting for you in our stores for any clarification or advice. We are at your disposal for any question regarding your jewelry. By valuing your jewelry we will suggest you the best price you can find on the market. No hidden charges and no pressure. Our knowledge and many years of experience in buying gold ensure the most correct and detailed assessment of the real value of your jewelry.

Your police ID or passport is necessary for every transaction.

Why choose Gold Spot?

Buying gold requires special care and you should ONLY trust professionals in the industry. At Gold Spot we work responsibly and professionally. With clear terms and friendly staff we have been offering gold buying services since 1980 and are legally licensed!


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